Plan is to plan a plan to plan my plan to plan my plan

Well not really but the tongue twister is needed as I need a wee bit of humour.

The plan is to finalize a plan to get as many countries as I can in as this will be my last year of being able to afford to travel for a while as this time next year not only will I be finished University I will finally have my Honors degree, so to go out with style the plan is to fly from Scotland to Sweden then to Finland then to Latvia then a few weeks in Greece for it to end in France and final return to Scotland and hopefully a day trip to Estonia and still having enough to time to get down to Manchester to see K@ and Jane.  My countries plan does include Diesel who has promised to alter some aspects of himself such as in greece go a walk on his own, we shall see.

Biggest thing is looking forwards to seeing all my friends in Turku again, its been 2 years and I miss them all, and what do I miss more well Salmiakki and Piima, damn I need Salmiakki and Piima!

Do You Like Me (Version 2)

Simple questions,

Do you like me?
Do you want to be more than friends?

Please dont give glances,
Soft whispers, or play mind games.

Just answer in a way I can hear.

Simple yes or no
Lets just be friends or more

So yet again,
Simple questions

Do you like me?
Do you want to be more than friends?

My mind can’t fathom unclear responses,
I need a clear indication by words.

Something simple, and you may be surprised,
That I possibly feel the same!

© 2015-2016

Do You Like Me (Version 1)

Don’t tell me that you like me,
Through glances and a smile,
Do not say that you want more,
In a way that cannot be seen.

Don’t tell me you like me,
By actions unclear,
Don’t tell me that you like me,
In a way I can’t hear.

Be honest and verbal,
Say how you feel,
Maybe I will feel the same.
But till you ask we wont know if its real.

© 2015-2016


Free yourself,
From the confides of society,
liberate your souls,
From the forced exile.

Let society know that,
no longer will you
play by the rules,
of a preconceived notion.

That you must cover up!

Break the bonds that,
weigh you down,
that cover your roots
To the ground.

Remove those obstacles,
That allow your souls to feel the earth,
To feel the grass on hot summers day,
the textures of nature,
Below your feet.

Do it once a day,
Once a week,
Once a month,

In a park,
a field,
you garden.

Liberate yourself.
Free your soul,
Take off the leather bindings,
The plastic below you,
The suede that covers you.

Free your feet,
Take off the shoes, the stilettos,
Boots, sandals.

Remove your socks.

Feel nature below your feet,
Take the risk of standing in hidden dog shit.

Live life
Be connected to what supports you,
Gives you life.
And enjoy!

© 2015-2016

La Team Greece 2012

3 Years,
3 Years,
3 Years!

Since I took that step,
The leap of faith,
Moved to a new land,
Some would call it fate!

3 years
since LaTeam Greece 2012
Nunzia, Joquim, Janna and myself.

3 years
Since my life changed for the better.

3 Years
Since happiness,
And I mean, proper, true, happiness
Was lost as I
Returned to Scotland.

3 years
Since I last fell in love
And she threw it in my face!

3 Years
Since we visited the amazing islands
Naxos, Syros and Andros!

3 years
Since she and I sat on the kerb and cuddled
Wishing I was single
As our friend went berserk.

3 years
Since we said goodbye,
A last minute call from airport so you could say farewell.

3 years,
Since LaTeam Greece 2012

3 long years!

© 2015-2016


Close the blinds,
And your eyes,
Let’s all be patient for,
The surprise.

Lock the doors,
Turn off the lights,
Don’t worry now,
it will be alright.

Unplug the phone,
Turn mobile devices off,
No sound to be heard,
Not even from the loft.

Here it comes,
One, Two, Three.
Shit I forgot,
What I was going to say!

© 2015-2016


It’s always a memory,
A worry or fear,
Its always the small things,
That exaggerate your tears.

It’s always the one that got away,
That makes things clear.
Its always that loved one,
That makes you fear.

It’s always a memory,
That tears you apart,
Its always that thought,
That hurts the heart.

It’s always the special one,
That races through your mind,
It’s always the forbidden one.
That you dream of at night.

It’s always the struggles,
That makes love worth the shot,
It’s always the desire,
The feeling that gets you higher.

© 2015-2016

What Would You Do

What would you do,
If I told you that I liked you,
Held a crush,
For a few years.

Afraid to let you know,
In case of rejection,
Failure with another,
Girl I liked.

From past mistakes,
Mistakes I have made,
In this life.

What would you say?
If I admitted my feelings,
Would you be awkward?
Or say you feel the same?

What would you say,
If I tell you,
I get knots each time we speak,
Smile as though id won the lottery.

What would it be like,
If I told you I will always be there,
To listen as a friend,
Or more if you like.

What would you do,
If I told you that I liked you,
Afraid to let you know,
In case of another rejection.

© 2015-2016

Sky Is Black

The sky is black,
Storm begins,
Crack of thunder,
Flash of light.

On the wall,
Man at a piano,
A rose stands tall.

Murder, Mayhem.
Love and Romance.
Life worth living,
taken at a glance.

His heart was torn,
took a chance.
Something happened,
he did not understand.

The fire dances,
Shadows on the wall,
A carriage arrives.
The story is known.

© 2015-2016