Wait This is weird

For many years I was forunate to be hosted on GC Web Hosting. Frank the owner was a good friend and an amazing guy. Unfortunatley late 2020 he passed on. So using a backup of the site I have move to a new host, Gray Web Hosting. While this is an amazing opportunity I made… Continue reading Wait This is weird

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Walk Away

Did I tell you that you are beautiful
Or that your smile lights up my life,


I have always been interested in other countries.

Look …..

how hard is it to say those 3 wordsyou know they are trueYou know she feels the same

Its not that time

So as I posted previously I was moving to Crete, well that move happened a week ago.  For the last week I have been in a nice 5 star hotel here in Hersonissos where I have been learning the ins and outs of being a rep.  Met soo many amazing people and have had such an… Continue reading Its not that time

Today is the last day

I have been blessed by doing many amazing and wonderful things over my short life, working in a call centre was never one of these things I would imagine ever doing, nor would I ever think I would feel sad to leave. Of course, I will still not say who I worked for, what campaign… Continue reading Today is the last day

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Somethings different

So its been a few months since I did anything really to this site, simply as at the start of January I started full-time employment.  So before I continue big HELLO to John who is reading this at work. While I am working full time, answering calls and making sales for a large telecommunications company,… Continue reading Somethings different

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A campaign to return a railway station to Bonnybridge has received a showing of widespread public and political support. Reinstate Bonnybridge Railway Station held a meeting to bring together party representatives and local councillors in an attempt to establish a united front on the issue. Bryan Deakin, co-chair of the community group, said: “Many of… Continue reading SHOW OF SUPPORT FOR RAILWAY STATION CAMPAIGN IN BONNYBRIDGE


FURTHER CUTBACKS to bin collections are set to hit Bonnybridge residents in the new year. Villagers recently voiced their upset at Falkirk Council’s decision to change green and brown bin uplift to every four weeks. Now budget proposals for 2017-18 could see a charge of £25 implemented for a fortnightly brown bin collection service and an… Continue reading BONNYBRIDGE RESIDENTS FACE MORE BIN CUTS