31 July 2012

2 Weeks 1 Island

By Bryan

You know Naxos ended and we had another workcamp 2 weeks on the island of Syros, for me I was hoping the first few days would go fast with rest, for on Naxos I hurt my back. I did bow down to the pressure and go to the hospital, where for 8 Εuros they took a nice X-Ray of my back, I must admit I have a nice bright white back with good bone structure and no breakage or fracture so I got some tablets and told to rest.

Rest that is a comical thing, me I cannot rest, but I had to put my wants to move aside and rest so I could get to the path to work. Michalis and Andrea’s demanded that first week I did nothing, but cook now and then to rest, no heavy lifting nothing. So I took my tablets like a good boy, I did as the doctor said and spent time in the sea and I rested.

Sunday comes and I am feeling fine, so I say that I will go to the footpath on Monday, so I get up get breakfast get ready and make the trip to the footpath, alas this was a bad idea as after 20 mins I was in agony again, but I must say in those 20 minutes I had cleared more than the rest mwahahahahaha. So andrea’s forbids me from wo rking anymore on my own health, this means that I am cooking team. Now by now I am not the only sick person the co-leader Despina, a very sweet lady if also getting sicker and unfortunatley she decided to leave the camp. I do hope she is better.

So im on this camp feeling worthless, the bright side of it is I had my own room with shower, toilet and kitchen, with a beach 20 mins away. But I couldnt stay and do nothing even though Stavroula (the new leader) and Andrea’s said they wished me to stay, so 30/7 I traveled back to athens.