16 October 2012

2 Weeks

By Bryan

I have been back from my adventures for 2 weeks now, its been a long 2 weeks, missing my friends, my “life” and more importantly the heat. Since arriving back here in Scotland, its been a struggle financially, as well as this my desktop CPU has fried so I am limited to using my mums net book, not as powerful but better than nothing. Its soo cold here for me constantly shivering, and I have recently came over a case of man flu that put me off my feet for a few days.

As you all now can see the Blog has been updated all the Greece stuff has been added to a new category called Greece as well as Archive, and I plan to use this blog just as a general rant blog also I hope to add new designs and mods to this blog. And use this blog to vent as sometimes its good to vent.