1 July 2012

3 Weeks in 1 Post

By Bryan

I find myself busier than expected so I have not had time to update my blog as I thought, so while people are at the pub here in Naxos watching the Euro final I have borrowed Jaana’s laptop so I can update everyone.

We have already met 4 people in this blog Georgia the bubbly Greek Girl, Jaana the Estonian, Nunzia the Italian and James the cool Englishman. But now I am being pestered by many people to update so here we go.

I shall now introduce you to Joquim, the late arrival to the project as he slept in and missed his flight, a Brazilian born, Belgian Raised and now living in France 23 yr old. Who has a favorite saying of “Im an Alcoholic” for my stance more alight weight but we all have limits, but he is cool.

Kelly is also a character in this Greek story, another mentor of ours but a nice lady who managed to get us free tickets to an AMAZING Opera at her work, with the Akropolis behind us all lit up, but I will get to her later.

I also want to say hello to my student of the Scottish language, the bubbly Georgia, who I am sure will be more than happy to say hello on here as she has been pestering me to get rid of the spam protection as and using her own word “I am not human” … I concur!!

So first week Kelly takes us around Athens to see many sights including the island Aegeana, a very nice island with amazing beaches (alot better than the Athens ones I can assure you … no asian guys tryng to sell you … “Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Beera (Beer), Nero (water)”) yeh we have all the big names here *rolls eyes* … imagine sun sea and sand … with passanger ferries a stone throw away (ok you may need a catapult). Yes we have seen the tourist places.

My favorite place is xarchia (its not spelt correctly) its the Anarchist area where a can off beer is 70c so yeh …. seen one clash with police there, day before the election, when the KKE or the communist party had a march that went peacefully so they wanted to let some steam off … believe it or not most walked away some stayed and fought … I walked … specially after they threw the first tear gas grenade … not sure how it ended.

What else I met a gorgeous greek girl … this is all I am saying as I am unsure if she knows I like her… but in honesty I think she does … maybe she will tell me .. or im dreaming.

Work wise I have done alot in of office work this I am happy to do as the office is quite nice, I have been doing Data Entry, proof reading and Creating Info Sheets … while of course sitting on facebook. I also visited another charity called ANIMA … was amazing fun, sorry Ketty but I couldnt do it more than once or twice but it was amazing to see all the animals, and getting to pet and fed a stork, feed a black vuture, feed various herring gulls, owls, a fox and many other birds … I will definatley visit again and help out if they will have me. I also visited Achelleon, a sea turtle sanctuary, travelled for 90 mins to do 60 mins of work, but it was amazing to see sea turtles up close, wash a turtle and feed them all, and of course watch you tube video’s. such as the legendry Im So Emo …

We also visited the Botanic Gardens of Athens, where we saw some amazing plants including …. brambles … they dont grow here (unfortunatley) … for me the most amazing thing was the Swallowtail Butterflies … so amaazing to see.

The opera was unbelievable even for a final dress rehersal, while it was in Italian, with greek and english subtitles it cant be described El Travatore was the opera.

Greek language thanks to Georgia sitting with me after I walked out of a class, is getting alot easier and I am now speaking greek more and more and also able to read it alot better! But I do get confused with the Greek characters that are same as the Latin Characters that mean something different … example v is a n

I have to also say that Souvlaki is amazing.

I honestly could go on for hours saying everything about Greece but this is longer that most of my essays I did for college. However I believe I did win an award or so I have been told … something about best kitchen diasaster … we shall see.

So as I said at this moment I am in Naxos Island (google it) so I must say hello to all those that are reading this from there. After this camp I go to Syros for 2 weeks … so a month on 2 islands working 5 hours a day … wait I mean 6 … with islands that are the stereotypical image of greece …. sounds hard to me!!