24 May 2012

6 Days and Counting

By Bryan

We are now in under a week before I start my travels, recently met a few interesting people, one a lady from Greece who gave me alot of advice in learning the language and another lady who has just returned from a holiday there, with really indepth blog articles:


Scotland has been nice to me, maybe cause she knows I want the best for her environmentally and politically, however we have had a nice hot spell here, with temperatures being same as in Athens, getting to try all my new stuff out before I go, sandals are better than I imagined and people are shocked to see me in shorts and t-shirts rather than my metal or Goth gear.

I recieved a nice card from everyone at Rock The Talk with loadsa nice messages, also was gifted €50 so adding that to my collection I got €55.70 already.  Amazing amount as I not even got money converted yet.

Tomorrow I get to take my mind off Greece as I attend the launch of the YES campaign for the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014.  Then Saturday its my farwell drink.