28 December 2012

6 Years

By Bryan

This morning before I went to bed I realised that it was 5 years ago that I went to America, then laying in bed I looked back and realised that it was 6 years ago today 27 December that my life changed massively.

Lets turn the clock back 6 years and one week, I am 21, living in Finland, I have made a couple of friends in Finland, I am here for a year, and I have a girlfriend in England. The stress of being away from my family, friends and girlfriend is building up. So on 27 December I phone my girlfriend and end it after 13 months. Instantly I regretted it, and to many points I still do, the months after were torture, we met online and we argued on any site we were both on. That night I went to the pub, an Irish pub in Turku, called The Castle and I drink as much as I could afford.

This one phone call changed my life for the most, firstly the most drastic at the time, I started drinking and I mean drinking a lot. But it opened up myself to meeting many great people in Finland, in Turku, then in Tampere when I attempted to study there. In Finland I got to sail to many ports in Europe, I appeared in a movie, I gained a deeper interest in various forms of environmental conservation.

I even got to join the team for a software I used on a website I was Techy on. I came back to Scotland after a year and I came into small amount of money, now what was coincidental was that there was to be a staff meet-up for the team at SMF, this was called the Meeting of the Minds, and on 28th December 2007 we all met up in Arizona, for almost 2 weeks, this meet-up was announced day before I came into the small bit of money.

I went to America, met many people, met my friends form the company and gained many lasting memories … for those that remember the nightclub on Hogmanay .. remember the girl in the black dress!!!

Came back to Scotland and then over next 2 years had another failed attempt at moving to Finland permanently. However I did start studying here in Scotland, in Countryside and Environmental Management. After finishing my HNC I could not get a job, so my friend asked me to return to a charity I left volunteering at same position to help him out, I agreed, after a year he left, and on his leaving party I was told that I was off to Greece for 4 months.

Now I wont go into to much detail regarding Greece, my Blog has enough about it, but what I will say is besides the unicorns, the diarrhoea, kipselli house, a bonnie braw lass, sexy shower time, the american aussie!, and many more wonderful memories it did make me realise that life in Scotland is dull for me now.

My eyes have been opened, and I need to break free from the chains!

However for the time being I want to thank everyone I have met, Natalie especially for answering that dreaded call, all my friends I have and the ones I lost in Finland, friends in Greece, Scotland … and all over the world.

Its taken me this long to realise the above, 7 years ago I would never have thought I would have seen and done what I have now, and ill say it again, thanks :