68 Päivää

68 Päivää just 68!

68 until I will be in my FAVORITE country ever!  A country where I feel at home, a country I feel safe, a country that many people go WTF too, that is right in 68 days I will be in Finland.  An early flight to Amsterdam then a short flight to Helsinki and a train to Tampere.  After 4 days in Tampere exploring the pubs and clubs, a train ride to Turku, for more of the same, and some visiting of many friends with some reminiscing near where I used to work, now houses or soon to be houses.  Looking forward to seeing my friends again 🙂

Ah well the days will fly by … I hope

By Bryan Deakin

Hello and welcome to my site, my name is Bryan Deakin, 35yr old from Scotland. A Dyspraxic, Poet, Blogger and Community Activist, I studieda BSc(Hons) Sustainable Development, at the University of Highlands and Islands. Lover of all things Greek and Finnish, and a keen and active member of Falkirk SNP. Prior I was Vice President of Simple Machines, and Project Manager at Simple Machines Forum (SMF).

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