30 May 2012

8 Hours or so it says!

By Bryan

Its 8 hours till I start the adventure of Greece, going at a great time, going to miss all the Royal Jubillee pish and all the hype of the Olympics as we all know its gonna get worse and everyone is gonna get fed up hearing about it and the unionist bullshit its promoting, come on its fine to fly the Welsh Flag at Olympics but not the Saltire … I smell unionist interference.  Anyway that is not enough of this wee rant.

in 8 hours 20 mins I leave for my bus to Falkirk then from there train to Haymarket and bus to aiport, there I have 5 hour wait for my flight to Paris, should be interesting as I dont speak french besides the extreme basics …. where is Ron when you want him he could take me some good french words and maybe ill teach him Finnish … who knows … ach well.

Finished packing today should have everything … well not toothbrush yet as I gonna use that before I go … spose I should find some reading material … need something to read while I drink my coffee in Costa!

Ah well do want to give a big shout out to Charlie Fairbairn who is reading this in New Zealand … just wanna embarass him for all the times he has embarassed me!!!