20 August 2010

A Call to the Turks

By Bryan

This is a plea to all the Turkish theme designers I have had banned from the SMF Theme Site, the SMF Site or who’s themes I have rejected for breaking the guidelines, damn this is a call to all theme author’s that I have rejected there themes.

Firstly I feel I should apologize, I was merely following the stated guidelines that you broke so please don’t hold it against me even though I was one of the few that wrote the initial guidelines. Please PLEASE forgive me.

Secondly I urge you to see past your hatred for me if you have not forgiven me and please submit your themes, since I resigned my approver access, the guidelines seem to be ignored, you will now manage to get copyrighted images approved, hard-coded text if its hidden well enough and even the dreaded excess files.

At this time there are no theme approvers on the SMF Theme Site, there are modders who are doing the theme approval list, and these modders know next to nothing about themes.  Here is a little conversation I had with SlammedDime to so called lead of the cus team:


01[19:40] <Runic> who is doing theme approval?
01[19:40] <Runic> as they are going to get smf in trouble
[19:40] <SlammedDime> why’s that, what happened?
01[19:40] <Runic> <theme address removed>
01[19:40] <Runic> has been approved today
01[19:40] <Runic> and contains copyrighted images
01[19:40] <Runic> just put a report in bout it
01[19:41] <Runic> also this is listed in the Theme Approval Guidelines, theme needs to be removed until a disclaimer is added
[19:41] <SlammedDime> lemme look through the archive at it, just a sec
01[19:42] <Runic> FFXIV_Logo
01[19:42] <Runic> Background
01[19:42] <Runic> On, On2, Off
01[19:43] <Runic> Redirect
01[19:43] <Runic> also as its based on inferno
01[19:44] <Runic> based on and a reference to Bikken is required
01[19:45] <Runic> index.css~ < needs removed
01[19:45] <Runic> shall i continue?
[19:46] <SlammedDime> nope, you can go back to your little corner now, I’ll address it, thanks :)

This is the head, he doubts the words of someone who knows more than him on theme approval, we can all see I was merely lodging an issue and he returns with the snarky phrase of “you can go back to your little corner now” really is that the way for a Lead of SMF to talk?

Now what kind of person would I be if I let a comment like that slide, prob a better one but alas thats not me so here is more of the conversation:


01[19:46] <Runic> thats not very nice matt
01[19:46] <Runic> im trying to save smf from being sued
01[19:46] <Runic> and you along with it as im assuming that it was you that approved
[19:47] <SlammedDime> let’s not try and blow things out of proportion, shall we?  The first step in litigation is not a law suit (maybe it is in Scotland, but we’re ‘located’ in Nevada)
01[19:48] <Runic> no SMF is still an LLC therefore smf is based in Arizona
[19:48] <SlammedDime> no, some assets still belong to the LLC, SM is now an NPO located in Nevada
[19:48] <SlammedDime> regardless, the same applies
01[19:49] <Runic> and you are still ruining the reputation of SMF llc or npo
01[19:49] <Runic> i do hope this is not the standard that themes are now going to be approved to as it shows that modders like yourself dont know themes
01[19:50] <Runic> have fun matt

I dont think he actually remembers that the NPO is not fully formed legal yet and if it is he just gave us more information than even we the friends knew, but no matter LLC or NPO, if he is approving themes with copyrighted images then he is putting SMF at risk of lawsuits, and as I stated I am not against SMF just the leads and some management, and if a lead cant see the potential lawsuit then why is he a lead?

Also I needed to enforce my view he needs to stand down:


[19:50] <SlammedDime> I will, thanks :)
01[19:50] <Runic> and i will continue to look at the themes you approve as I know this will continue until you stand down

Is this really the actions of a good lead, this is the lead who has ideas for new guidelines for the Theme Approval Guidelines one of which is to demand CSS be 100% compliant, this is something that every theme approver and friend has been against, this is one of a few he has mentioned to me, and if he implements the rest we can be assured Themes will die on SMF, but this is most likely his goal, its funny how that every Cus. Team lead (Exception of Bloc) has been a modder, and someone who does not understand themes.  Then you wonder why themes do not get a say as mods do in the future of SMF and coding.

While I was on the team I fought hard to get the little improvements that smf 2.0 has for themes over 1.0 and 1.1 lines, language strings, theme_info.xml being created with a creation of a theme in admin panel all took ages to get approved, and if it was not thanks to Aaron none of these would be in SMF 2.0.  And unless the Customisation Team gets more themers, or splits then cus team will always take second place.

I do wish to apologize to any Turkish user that has been offended by my post, my intention was not to upset the Turkish community, and it never will be.  While I do apologize Colin and Gary will both back me on this but while there are many good Turkish designers 99% of the themes rejected for violations of international copyright laws and/or mass violations of the Theme Approval Guidelines have been from Turkish authors and I do believe poor communication and translation is the key to this.  Once again to all the Turkish readers I do sincerely apologize