18 September 2012

A Long Winding Post

By Bryan

So it has been a few weeks since I last made a post this is a few reasons, 1. I was on Andros. 2. I forgot my password. 3. I havent had motivation. I will explain each point so you understand more


Andros was amazing, pictures will come at some point, so close to beach, a good group, a car park for a yard, yes that’s right the school yard was a car park for most of the 2 weeks but that didn’t stop the fun. Work was boring but even with my sore back I tried to do more and more as filming was epic boring specially when you had limited time on camera, and the work was same all day, but alas I did get more and more involved some of us even created a song that will be published better soon. But unfortunately due to how the sleeping arrangement came there was a boys and girls group, boys group were the immature ones I am happy to agree most nights drinking and meeting the weirdest people, watching the weirdest video’s ….. charlie!!!!!!!!!!


Believe it or not this doesnt happen alot, but recently I went through all my sites and changed the passwords security of course and its not one I usually use so i forgot, and forgot password to my cpanel so I had to get everything reset last night. But hopefully back now.


Well this one I wont explain as it is still evident in this blog post.