6 July 2012

A Week on Naxos

By Bryan

So thats my first week on Naxos over with, its been an amazing experience, we managed to get the path we wanted completed done ahead of schedule meaning an early finish today. The group seems to be getting on great with inside jokes and alot of laughs.

In the downtime, we have been to a distillery (would you believe i took the most free sample) we also watched a sunset on a high point, before being called over by a local who has been a sort of guide to us to see his goats, he even let us have a shot in milking them and allowed us to taste the milk when he had done what he had to do to make it safe, was a really interesting experience I cannot lie didnt ever think I would be milking a goat. One really loved me wouldnt let the other goats get to me, prob cause I was feeding her.

We also went to a museum of how people used to live in Naxos, was really interesting as we got to see all the old tools.

Its been 3 weeks now with no Cola, and also cut down on my coffee, but I think that I am taking more Olive Oil, and oddly I feel looser … figure that … olive oil makes you feel better.

Cheese is a big thing here and we get fresh cheese almost daily from the same guy who has the goats, also wine.

Also went apricot picking and we got loads … damn my lifestyle is getting healthy loads work … lotsa heat … loadsa fruit and olive oil, no cola oo and I seem to have cut down on how much I drink … I must be sick or something.

Tonight I believe the assistant major and or major has invited us for a drink, I think I may take a coffee. Tomorrow Georgia arrives to see La Team, and the workcamp has been invited to a christening of a baby and a traditional Naxos celebration. I look forward to it as its not something you get to see everyday and get the honor of being invited to it.

I cant thank Vasselies, Andonious, Janni and the rest of Filopi enough they have been really helpful, but I wont spend 9 Euro on a rooster again.

See you all soon!