19 November 2015

Am I in Love?

By Bryan

What’s this strange sensation?
This peculiar feeling in my heart,
Why does it beat so fast?
How come I just want to cry?
Cry for one I lost,
Be on my own, be in silence,
Butterflies in my stomach,
Nervous every time I see her.

Am I in love?

Is it so?
Have I met my kindred spirit?
Or is she my true love?
Maybe this is puppy love,
No it can’t be, been there before,
Not this bad but have done before,
What is it when you would do anything?
To make a special someone happy,
What is it when you have butterflies?
When you get this sensation.
This feeling inside.

Am I in love?

If I am please help!
I am young and confused,
I just want to be with her,
This person, whom I want to make happy,
This object of beauty I would do anything for.

Am I in love?

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