29 September 2010

An Olive Branch

By Bryan

They say that it takes courage to stand up and extend an olive branch to those that have a mutual dislike towards you.  There is one team member that I do not believe is suited for his role, I have had issues with this user when he was on the Support team, I had issues with him keeping his lead access when he was not a lead, and I have issues with how he runs his current team. HOWEVER while I have these issues with him, he has issues with me, with how I act, how I put myself forward, my temper, my honesty (please remember nothing on this site is a fabrication) and he most certainly has other issues with  me.  But I have decided to make a stand today here, and offer this olive branch:

As well as the flag of truce:







To Matt “SlammedDime” Zuba.

However this truce does come with a price, he must understand that I will continue to report themes that should not have been approved, he should understand I will keep posting issues within his team and the smf team.  But I will not make any more fights regarding him on this site or any other.

Does this mean I am getting soft?

It does not, it means that I have decided that steps have to be made, these steps have to be made if SMF is to survive and many of us on here want SMF to survive.  As stated I will still post what needs to be said, my allegiance is still to the survival of SMF.

Bryan “Runic” Deakin