21 August 2012

Another Island

By Bryan

So our friend Adam from Naxos left back home to Canada, he will be missed by all in our house, but we do gain 2 spanish girls who will also go to Andros with us. Yes thats right we are off in a few days to a new island. Unfortunatley due to my sore back I am not allowed to do work so I shall be filming and cooking. This is the last workcamp for us, as this is the last workcamp of the year for Elix, also it is coming into our last month in Greece.

It has went soo fast, I am even finding it hard to catch up with where time has went.

So here we have La Team with Adam,  atone of the highest points of Athens.

Before Adam we had a visit from Stephanie a girl we met in Syros, unfortunatley she didnt stay as long as Adam, but they were both from Canada tbh both from Quebec.

Unfortunatley I know from experience that the beach wont be this good but hey here is andros to make you all feel bad:

Taken from Athens by Taxi.com, image is used without permission.