19 November 2015

As We Lie

By Bryan

As we lie,
On this Summer Solciste night,
Bodies entangled together,
In her mothers tent,
We feel safe,
We feel secure,
We feel the energy and the blessings of the Divine,
Our Deities,
Our Gods.

We lie alone,
Talking, joking, sleeping
The rest outside, in the Scottish wilderness,
Making jokes about her and I,
What we are up to,
What we are doing.

The Joke is on them as we lie together,
We are merely sleeping in the same tent,
No hanky panky as they would call it.

Her and I, we talk about life,
We talk about death,
About our pasts and our present,
We discuss what we want to do,
In future, in these mere lives,
We Joke about our exes and our families,
And we share stories of love from the heart.

People would call what we are talking about as boring,
As the owls hoot,
The birds sing, it’s almost time for us to get up,
To get ready, as the sunrise festival is about to start,
Her mother comes over to chase us out, but gives us ten more minutes,
Then we must say farewell,
And promise not to forget about that night,
I have a weird feeling I won’t,
That’s her and I now till Lugnasdah,
When we will talk yet again.

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