13 August 2012

Athens :(

By Bryan

You know coming back to Athens was quite good, for me at least, as on the Tuesday, Georgia came back from Tinos and we managed to have some time together, was nice to finally be with her in Athens, but Thursday was looming and she was off to Spain for 20 odd days, and I would be in Andros when she returns, so we made sure we enjoyed ourselves. Its weird for me I cant seem to spend enough time with her, and I love making her prove herself wrong, a good example she claimed she couldn’t cook, and she and I made a nice beef and vegetable meal, with spaghetti and cream. But I was over anxious with the spice and made it a wee bit to spicy.

So when I said goodbye to her on Thursday morning and got back to bed, I slept, and slept and enjoyed my sleep.

Jo came back from Syros that night, so I had fun catching up with all the juicy gossip I missed from t he camp. So Friday we went to the office where Dubravka had to make it hard on me and mention Georgia and ask how the last 28 hours had been (honesty slow). We later went to a camp that was happening in Athens to do some filming and photography. Later Jo and I did some nice work I hope and took two french volunteers to the camp to spend the night, luckily we also managed to escape a pickpocket group that had turned there attention to us. It was until Judith noticed bags open, luck part was nothing was taken.

That night we met with Andrea’s from Syros and had a few beers, then a few more, then a few more, and thats right a few more.

We had the first rain of the season aswell, was sooooo amazing soo much that we even through a rain party.