Author: Bryan

A 36yr old from Scotland. A Dyspraxic, Poet, Blogger and Community Activist, I studieda BSc(Hons) Sustainable Development, at the University of Highlands and Islands. Lover of all things Greek and Finnish, and a keen and active member of Falkirk SNP. Prior I was Vice President of Simple Machines, and Project Manager at Simple Machines Forum (SMF).
30 June 2016

Isle of Lewis

On the 24th of July I finally managed to get to the Isle of Lewis, this is an interesting one for many reasons, mainly considering my registered campus for University is on the Isle of Lewis.  I have never been their before, I have never seen my campus.  This was no ordinary visit though, this was the farewell to the Sustainable Rural Development Student Society, […]

20 June 2016

Farewell Greens

After over 2 years in the Scottish Greens, i have resigned in protest over the way the party handles complaints. For over a year a friend has been sexually harassed in the party, yet no investigation, no warnings, nothing is being done to stop it happening again, the reason is the same one that has been repeated for over a year, we are restructuring, yet […]

14 June 2016

Communities Unite Against Bus Cuts

Last week our residents woke up to the news that the X86 Falkirk to Glasgow via Kilsyth service is being removed in August as it is no longer profitable for the operator. This service provides a lifeline for many residents who rely on the x86 bus to get to various destinations within route to help with shopping, meeting friends, or simply to get out of […]

14 May 2016

My Eurovision Picks

Well I am a big Eurovision fan, and I was sad to be unable to vote for Finland, Greece and Estonia, but alas their entries were not that strong, so from top to bottom here is my order, quite surprising even for me: Cyprus Russia Austria Serbia Germany Malta Ukraine Croatia Italy Poland The Netherlands Australia Azerbaijan France Bulgaria Czech Republic Belgium Sweden Israel Armenia […]

7 May 2016

Walking towards a great gala day for all

A group of councillors joined around 50 Bonnybridge residents on Saturday for a walk to raise funds for the local gala day. Provost Pat Reid, with councillors Linda Gow, Dennis Goldie and Adrian Mahoney set off from the Kelpies at 9am last Saturday heading to Bonnybridge. Among those taking part were members of the Monday Youth Club in Bonnybridge Community Centre and youths from Rock […]

30 April 2016

68 Päivää

68 Päivää just 68! 68 until I will be in my FAVORITE country ever!  A country where I feel at home, a country I feel safe, a country that many people go WTF too, that is right in 68 days I will be in Finland.  An early flight to Amsterdam then a short flight to Helsinki and a train to Tampere.  After 4 days in […]

19 April 2016

Community Group Move Rail Campaign Forward

The 1970’s is when Bonnybridge saw the last train station in the town close. Since then there have been numerous attempts at bringing one back with no success. Parties and politicians over the years have used it as a way to score points in local elections, but there has been little or no movement forward. In 2002, the Council Administration of the time, put forward […]

21 March 2016

Bonnybridge Gala Celebrates First Fundraiser

  Bonnybridge Gala Day was a well-attended event that was ran each year up until 2003. When due to unforeseen circumstances it finished. In the middle of 2015 a conversation started on The Bonnybridge Banter, a Facebook group that is aimed at residents of Bonnybridge past and present, with memories of the once loved event. By the end of the year, the drive for a […]

17 March 2016

Tervetuloa Suomi

Is it not such an amazing sight, the Aurajoki at dusk, in the background we see Turku Energia, the tower has the Fibonacci Sequence in large red lights, a beacon for a wary traveler looking for his house after a drinking session in the local pubs, or clubs, may been Monk, Dynamo or even Forte, this landmark provided this drunk his way home at night when […]

27 February 2016

Residents wanted to fight Grangemouth’s case

A recent Article by James Trimble in the Falkirk Herald that features a large interview with myself! Volunteers are wanted to stand up for Grangemouth and get a new community council off the ground. The town has not had a watchdog organisation for almost three years, but that is hopefully about to change with the election process now up and running. Residents of Grangemouth and […]