15 December 2015

Beating Faster

By Bryan

Beating fast,
Must be in a race,
Sitting alone,
I cry,
I wish,
I miss,
Miss a special someone,
Someone special.

Her smile could tame the most savage beast,
Her eyes so deep,
You could lose yourself in,
Her hair long and blonde,
Her name rolls off my tongue so softly.

I cry as I miss her,
I wish she was here,
So I could smile,
A picture doesn’t suffice,
Has to be the real thing,
To change this racing heart.

Beats faster and faster,
The more I think of her.

“Hello I love You”
Maybe not love,
But Hello I miss,
Hello I need,
Hello I long for,

Long for in a short space of time.
Long for,
Never have done this bad,
For someone I barely know.

I miss you.

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