21 March 2016

Bonnybridge Gala Celebrates First Fundraiser

By Bryan


Bonnybridge Gala Day was a well-attended event that was ran each year up until 2003. When due to

unforeseen circumstances it finished. In the middle of 2015 a conversation started on The

Bonnybridge Banter, a Facebook group that is aimed at residents of Bonnybridge past and present,

with memories of the once loved event.

By the end of the year, the drive for a Gala Day was there, and a committee of individuals were

elected at a public meeting, with the sole aim of bringing a Gala Day back to Bonnybridge in 2017.

With 2016 being a year of fundraising and promoting a Gala Day in Bonnybridge.

Over the next few months an Easter Fair was organised with the help of Gordon Baxter and other

members of the council. This event was held on the 20th of March. With an exceptionally high


Emily Cowan, the Committee Secretary said “It was amazing to see so many local companies come

together and offer their services, and to the local fire service that sent one of their engines for the

local kids and adults to live their dream for a moment.”

The fundraiser managed to make over £2000 for the fund, with fundraising being done before we

even had a bank account, with The Bonnybridge Banter, and Angela Reid spearheading, a calendar

sale that was a huge success.

Treasurer, Bryan Deakin said “Impressive to see how much a community can get behind an idea,

counting the donations we received throughout the day was astonishing, we made more money for

our Gala Day than we had thought. With over £2200 on our first fundraiser, using social media,

word of mouth and more tradition methods of advertising”

Arlene Graham, the chair of Bonnybridge Gala Committee said “We would like to thank all the

residents of Bonnybridge and their friends all over the world for their support and assistance in

holding our first fundraiser. We were lucky that the weather was so nice, as we had residents

waiting over 1hr to get in as the line was so long. We would also like to say a big thank you to Cllr

Linda Gow, who was kind enough to judge our Easter Bonnet competition, and provide a gift for the

runners up. If anyone wants to get in touch or help for future events please do.”

If anyone would like more information or to find out how the can help, please email

bbridgegala@gmail.com or visit http://bonnybridgegala.rocks

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