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3 April 2015

The road to Holyrood

Holyrood 2016 is still far away but it is never too early to be thinking about this important election, one of the most important and crucial that we have seen since we got our own Parliament again in 1999.  This last year we have seen a surge in left wing parties, from SNP and importantly the Scottish Greens, and that is why I am honored […]

23 March 2013

Hello World today the weather is WINDY

So im sitting here in Orkney, weather looks nice compared to yesterday, a late night lots of drink, followed by a few hours of sleep and a nice hot shower, sounds great huh, the view is not as scenic as I have seen from my times in Greece. Was woken up by some rattling in kitchen next door and Darryl walking in with 3 cups […]

22 February 2013


So in my last blog post I announced my official return to University, its been an interesting and deep course so far and its weird doing it all online and not being at a phyisical building, but not complaining. Starting to talk to people in the course, makes a change for me to be this slow at doing so but all is good I think. […]

29 January 2013

Your a what?

You know its always good to get or give good news, I remember when I showed the world the picture of Georgia and I together finally, I had never seen so many likes on any post of mine on Facebook, even her friends where liking the picture. Of course all good things must end at some point. Everyone soon avoided me when she and I […]

28 December 2012

6 Years

This morning before I went to bed I realised that it was 5 years ago that I went to America, then laying in bed I looked back and realised that it was 6 years ago today 27 December that my life changed massively. Lets turn the clock back 6 years and one week, I am 21, living in Finland, I have made a couple of […]

18 December 2012

Mods and Themes

For a long time now I have been planning on updating mods and themes for newer versions of SMF, now with the recent launch of 2.0.3 and 1.1.17 I decided that now was the time to do it, this took many hours for each and a lot of the themes were built on an RC template so there was a crucial design flaw due to […]

22 November 2012

Films Films Films

Now one thing many people know is that I am not a film person, I like films and I try to watch what I can. Since my return to Scotland I have been in regular contact with a friend in Greece, when I say regular I mean almost daily. One of the many conversations we have had is movies, and of course we are suggesting […]