Fuck This Season

I hate the fucking season, Pisses the fuck out of me, I hate this bloody season, Give me a reason to be jolly, Ill show your fucking lie, I hate this fucking season, Cant wait for it to end. Who cares how many presents you got, Materialistic much? Who gives a shit about how big… Continue reading Fuck This Season

In My Room

Lie, lie. Mother lied, The cow, She said daddy cared, How? She thinks she knows me, Lies, She doesn’t know me, Daddy doesn’t care Cunt! Sit here, in my room, grounded, For hitting back. Loser shouldn’t have hut me, Drunken Buffoon. Friends out to play, I sit here, looking at the rain, Mud castle I… Continue reading In My Room

Gies a Pint

Gies yin mair pint likes, There is blood in me alcohol stream If you have nae mare beer A cider will dae, keep them commin, and ill be happy. Whit you mean it closin time, ya wank, Its only yin oclock Dinnae bother callin the Polis The fuzz will nae help ya. Ah fucket am… Continue reading Gies a Pint