I Love You

No matter what language I say it May It be. Amin mela lle or Tha gra\dh agam ort These words will always be true. You are my life, My love, My Desire, My better half, Jag alskar dig When I wake up in the morning, My first thought is you, Before I go to bed,… Continue reading I Love You

A Marvel

As I lie I can feel her soft hair in my face, I can smell the summer fruit shampoo, I can feel our bodies entwined, I softly whisper sweet nothings into her ear, And every few moments softly kiss her neck, I slowly caress her body, Feeling the pleasure flow throw her body, She opens… Continue reading A Marvel

Lets Run Away

Lets run away together, And live off the land, Elope somewhere remote, Somewhere in the sun. Lets run away together, A Greek island for two, Somewhere they know us, A place for me and you. Lets run away together, We can start a wee homestead, Have some olive trees, And maybe a few goat. Lets… Continue reading Lets Run Away


I SEE GODZILLA!! He is walking outside my second floor window but what’s he doing in Scotland? Now I have your attention, And you have guessed the above is a lie, I will tell you about a spider, that’s crawling up the wall! Freaked out are you? But the beast is soo small, No bigger… Continue reading Godzilla

Mindless Few

I see shapes and bodies, On the wall behind you, As rain clouds gather, At the church pews. The smile and touch, Dream with no life Envisions my progress Along on this ride. Simple, simple Nice and slow, Memories linger, Memories grow. Feelings hiding, Hate is true, Love will conquer The mindless few. © 2013-2016


Slowly, Sighing Wishing Hoping, Remembering Dreaming Of a time, A season, A life That cannot be forgotten. Warmth, Love, Life, Friends, Landscapes, Islands Come to mind, Eyes closed, Softly breathing. Tears, Eyes, Misery, Pain, Boredom. What is felt, Now time has moved on, Moving forward? Not possible. © 2013-2016


I will wait, till the time is right, I will wait, till I can hold you tight. I promised that I am, your bonnie lad, You will always be, my braw bonnie lass. I sent you a message, One written in Greek, it made you smile, it made you think. I now await the reply,… Continue reading Wait


I looked at the stars, They showed your face, Clouds show your image, While the moon shines bright. You ask me why did we part, Reason I gave was true, Always I will tell you the same. People, places, faces All have changed, Met new people, Lived our lives, Yet daily you ask me, The… Continue reading Stars

See Her

I see her in my dreams, When I close my eyes, As I law awake. I look for her, As I sit on the bus, Walk the street, Hoping, wishing, praying To see her smile, Those hypnotic eyes, I have known her for a few years now, But only realized recently That I like her.… Continue reading See Her

Never Knew

You never knew, How I felt, Thought, but never knew. Things I never told you, Secrets I kept inside. As I never wanted us to part. That last week together, Keeps playing in my mind, Things I would have done different, I wish I had a second try. A ring I was looking at, Venue… Continue reading Never Knew