I Love You

No matter what language I say it May It be. Amin mela lle or Tha gra\dh agam ort These words will always be true. You are my life, My love, My Desire, My better half, Jag alskar dig When I wake up in the morning, My first thought is you, Before I go to bed,… Continue reading I Love You

Ma Am Hame

Ma’ am hame; wits fir tee? Beef Aw comm’n I dinnae eat meat Diddums Mak’ mi sum Quorn. That’ll be bloody right Aye its in the freezer I dont care make it yourself Whit, fine am aff. Where you going? The toon tae get mi tea Take the dog Nut Yes Nut Yes, he needs… Continue reading Ma Am Hame

Night On The Rock

Lets turn back time, To the night on the rock, Sitting, watching the storm. Acropolis behind us, With the Pantheon on top, And the streets of Athens below. I miss that night, As we watched the storm, Spending time with you. That night on my mind, I was truly happy, With you at my side.… Continue reading Night On The Rock


Σ ‘αγαπώ όμορφη! Μου λείπεις Ma bonnie lass, Σ ‘αγαπώ! Σ ‘αγαπώ! Ma Greek lass, A miss yi, Each nicht a sleep. Σ ‘αγαπώ όμορφη! Till that time, We are tigether, A will look at the moon. Σ ‘αγαπώ! Όμορφη, Σ ‘αγαπώ! Ma bonnie lass. A miss those eyes, and yir lips, a miss yir… Continue reading Όμορφη

Where is the Moon

Where is the moon? I can’t see it, None of your love, Where is the moon? Its cloudy out I need your energy, Where is the moon? Hiding, When I am at a low, Where is the moon? I miss you, Σ ‘αγαπώ! Where is the moon? Thoughts of you, Tears are hard to hide,… Continue reading Where is the Moon


I will wait, till the time is right, I will wait, till I can hold you tight. I promised that I am, your bonnie lad, You will always be, my braw bonnie lass. I sent you a message, One written in Greek, it made you smile, it made you think. I now await the reply,… Continue reading Wait

It Be Braw

A robbed a bank the day, An a didnae even ken, love the rumours train, Even when am babysittin a wain. Aye I wis watchin ma nephew, A tyke aged of two, But I had time to rob the bank. Obviously this rumour aint true. But the girl a used ta hae crush on, Since… Continue reading It Be Braw

Music to Sleep

Sitting here tonight, Moonlight Sonata, Mozart, Plays through the speakers, The tune changes, Winter, The four seasons, Vivaldi. Ten past three, Bed I believe, Need more tunes, First. Viola’s strum, Faster, faster. Winter. The heavy but great, Klavierkonzert Nr 1 starts Tschaikowsky, Softer as it gets, Peaceful elegance. Time to sleep, Für Elise, Beethoven, soft… Continue reading Music to Sleep

Gies a Pint

Gies yin mair pint likes, There is blood in me alcohol stream If you have nae mare beer A cider will dae, keep them commin, and ill be happy. Whit you mean it closin time, ya wank, Its only yin oclock Dinnae bother callin the Polis The fuzz will nae help ya. Ah fucket am… Continue reading Gies a Pint