Listen to your heart, and tell me the truth, The storm cloud lingers, waiting for you. The piano is broken, the rose has died, will there be a phoenix, or just an untold lie. The rain pours, like blanket of tears, another mistake? Or finally a truth? The horse broke free, the cart rolls downhill,… Continue reading Raven


It’s always a memory, A worry or fear, Its always the small things, That exaggerate your tears. It’s always the one that got away, That makes things clear. Its always that loved one, That makes you fear. It’s always a memory, That tears you apart, Its always that thought, That hurts the heart. It’s always… Continue reading Always

Sky Is Black

The sky is black, Storm begins, Crack of thunder, Flash of light. Silhouette, On the wall, Man at a piano, A rose stands tall. Murder, Mayhem. Love and Romance. Life worth living, taken at a glance. His heart was torn, took a chance. Something happened, he did not understand. The fire dances, Shadows on the… Continue reading Sky Is Black


The bricks show, Through the empty room, A chair unused, As the light shines through, The broken window pane. Pipes on the wall, The floor covered, In pigeon excrement, No life can be seen, In this once useful room. Decay on the walls, As the plaster peels, The wine rack stands empty, Waiting for the… Continue reading Feast


A bird flies in through the window, The painting falls off the wall, Sunlight vanishes in the horizon, As a crow calls, Darkness covers what the sun touched, No electronics in sight, A candle is lit on the mantelpiece, This the only light! A couple sit on the chaise longue, recalling their day in the… Continue reading Romance

Stone Junkyard

Walking through this stone junkyard, Mist around my feet, Dark sky, Its night, Dead trees, Im alone in this place, Long black leather jacket trailing, Along the eerie mist, I can feel the dirt under my heavy boots, Dark figure lurking round, Behind each height of the sculptured stones, Gargoyles watch, with angels near, Children… Continue reading Stone Junkyard


Silence broken before the storm, A smile, a laugh, a cry, a scream. Silence heard over the broken floor, Where a body was unearthed. An axe hangs on the kitchen wall, A murder weapon not found, Police carriage’s wait outside, No sign of Scotland Yard. A piano with blood soaked keys, The rose that once… Continue reading Unseen


I hear a scream coming from the Grave, Person buried in 1879. I hear a scream coming from the Grave, and realize that it couldn’t of been. I look for monsters under the bed, My son is scared and I must look, I look for monsters under the bed, Their he is, dead. I hear… Continue reading Dead

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Tick tock

Their sits a clock, on the mantelpiece, Tick, tock, tick tock. The fire burns, as the hands go round, Tick, tock, tick, tock. He sits by the fire, thinking about a girl, as he watches the clock, Tick, tock, tick, tock. He thinks on how to tell her, that he wants to be more than… Continue reading Tick tock

Love Unseen

The sun is gone, Walls are painted green, A figure sits at the piano, Imagine this scene. Curtains hang, Near a marble fire, A figure sits, Completing this scene. Candle flickers, As the night grows old, A song can be heard, One untold. She stands up, And starts to dance, The memory of her love,… Continue reading Love Unseen