The candle burns slowly, In the table of her mind, The street lamps flicker, Air is damp. Her mind is not there, Lost it when he left, Smiling has become a chore, Like breathing, sleeping, Living. She closes her eyes, The face of her love, His long blonde hair, Blue eyes, his accent, voice as… Continue reading Candle

Lightning Strike

Lightning strikes, The flame is out, Quill hits the paper, On the bleak summer night. A shadow lurks, On the wall outside, Horse goes by, With a cart behind. He writes a note, To the one he likes, Scared, petrified, frightened, He hides his thoughts. Lightning strikes, The flame goes out, Thunder can be herd,… Continue reading Lightning Strike

Piano Keys

The blood drips, From the piano keys. His hand holds the thorns, From the rose she once owned. His grip tightens, More blood falls, He does not flinch, No emotions at all. The blood now hits the floor, A pool has formed, Around his souls, No movement at all. Lost all emotions, The will to… Continue reading Piano Keys

A Noise

There is something stirring, Outside in the rain, I can feel it getting closer, But I can no longer refrain, The noise is overwhelming, Closer it gets, Louder and Louder. I can hear it, Through the window pane. The cat is curled snug in his rug, Pup is howling over and over again, The light… Continue reading A Noise


Strolling through the forest, Thoughts linger in my mind, The mist appears all around, Not a sole in sight. A figure ahead, White and pale, Walks in the horizon, In her glowing gown. Her face is red, Teeth are white. I want to run, But its the dark of night. I stay a statue, She… Continue reading Strolling

Look Over

Look over at the sky, Stars are shinning bright, Its a nice night, to lie under the canvas sky. Smiles of the past, Tears of the present, Memories of what’s yet to come, Can you hear it Can you see it Feel it Look at that light, Flash bright, Closer it comes, Faster, faster. Darkness.… Continue reading Look Over

Snow White Funeral

Knowing everything, looking inside thinking what’s against my morals A new creature controls my mind, She’s my heart and soul, but cold inside Knowing what the future doth hold, The feeling grows A smile full of hate, I lied The slut has decided her fate Looking through, my tired eyes My heart being torn apart… Continue reading Snow White Funeral

The Past, Smiling

Someone knocked at my door, Come in I yelled No reply. Another knock Was it the wind I heard, I hollered, Enough is enough. I go to the door, It creaked open Outside its dark, Thunder and Lightning The past standing there, Smiling. © 2006 – 2016

Spirit Guide

Tell me what to do, My spirit guide, I need your guidance, with a matter of the heart, A matter of my future, Spirit guide, please help. You are here to help, To protect me, my spirit guide. You are here to help, to protect me when I need protection, To help myself seek the… Continue reading Spirit Guide