Walk Away

Did I tell you that you are beautiful
Or that your smile lights up my life,


Listen to your heart, and tell me the truth, The storm cloud lingers, waiting for you. The piano is broken, the rose has died, will there be a phoenix, or just an untold lie. The rain pours, like blanket of tears, another mistake? Or finally a truth? The horse broke free, the cart rolls downhill,… Continue reading Raven

Sky Is Black

The sky is black, Storm begins, Crack of thunder, Flash of light. Silhouette, On the wall, Man at a piano, A rose stands tall. Murder, Mayhem. Love and Romance. Life worth living, taken at a glance. His heart was torn, took a chance. Something happened, he did not understand. The fire dances, Shadows on the… Continue reading Sky Is Black

The Same

Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed I had moved on. I will meet someone new, Years have passed, My heart is in same place, But I still sit alone, Till I can see her again. Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed things got better. That I will find someone… Continue reading The Same

Why Do You Ask

Why do you ask? Of course im fine! The tears are just releasing the pain. Why do you ask? I don’t want to say. Its better than what I did, back in the day. Why do you ask? The reason is mine, Ill tell later, when all is fine. Why do you ask? Oh crap… Continue reading Why Do You Ask

Good Night World

Good night world, I must sleep, The book I was reading, Did not make me weep. The lovers did not get together, I was angry, I routed for them, But the authors mind was weak! Good night world, I am going to sleep, People meant to be together, Lives not meet. The rules were made… Continue reading Good Night World

This Life

So this is what life is like, For the masses, I used to be in the minority, Until recently, My girl, resting her sweet head on my lap, Watching a film or DVD, Lager at my side, Dog watching, Wanting to get drunk. Thinking how gorgeous she is, And always will be Thinking about how… Continue reading This Life


Sorry for hurting you, For my past, Calling you by harmful names Of memories. Sorry for innocent lies For exaggerating the truth A truth that is a lie A lie that is a truth Losing you would kill me, But not my physical being as I claimed, At most my life as I know it,… Continue reading Sorry


I just got an email, A blast from the past, But unlike before, When I emailed the blast, I did not feel anything but happiness, But happiness that she has moved on, And I am doing the same, Something tells me she will remain, Deep down, But no longer on the surface and the core,… Continue reading Email


Waiting for that special someone, To come into my life, Hoping that it wont be long Before she is here. I thought I had found her, A local lass, She was the world to me, But she had to leave, As we were getting too “serious” I cannot lie, this lass I love, Still to… Continue reading Waiting