Life Spring

Look to the moon, I am no longer their, Energies I sent, Have long since disappeared. The moon holds no surprise, No boost, no life spring, I realized not long ago, Our love was a sin. Slowly I have realized, Gradually, like a slow snail. The feelings we shared were real, But I had flutters… Continue reading Life Spring


The moon sets, sun reaches its pinnacle, He will move on, no-one to hold him back, Just lingering memories of the one he holds dear, She lied, betrayed his trust, claimed he was at fault. The stars no longer sparkle, On the love, the gods have deemed her, No longer of worth, decision has been… Continue reading Chamber

Painted Smiles

Painted smiles with a broken heart, this pain is real, its far from the start, Saying everything is OK, to hide the pain, This love is real, no time to feel. A smile, a sigh, a tear or two each night, Pictures to gander upon, of a couple in love, Memories do linger, feelings from… Continue reading Painted Smiles


I’m fed up with these lies, and these silly games, hiding our feelings, knowing we both feel the same, Hiding it from the internet, incase you family see, and when we are together, not showing it on the street. Maybe its time we realise, and start to tell the truth, maybe we should move on,… Continue reading Games


As I walk along the street, The stars are out in full, A dog barks in the distance, And I am a love sick fool. A smile is in my mind, A laugh, a giggle, A shooting star brightens up the sky, A memory sits on my mind. What is she up too, In that… Continue reading Lied

Just Venting

Let me tell you of a truth, One I haven’t told many folk, I go to bed each night, Its pointless as I don’t sleep a wink, I toss and turn and toss some more, Then its time to wake. Wouldn’t matter if I did sleep, As the tears roll off my cheeks, Been crying… Continue reading Just Venting


I’m sitting on the metro. Airport bound alone, Had an amazing Greek girl. Now I sit here alone. We stop in Pallini, Thoughts begin to form, Get off and visit, Just moments from the station This girl sleeps alone. Montage of the good times, Drops start to fall Can we turn back time, Just to… Continue reading Alone


I don’t like this countdown, Already I see your tears, I don’t like this countdown, What it brings, Opens our fears. I close my eyes, See those tears, I see your smile, As I wipe them away. I don’t want this countdown, Please make it disappear. Knowing I will no longer able, To see your… Continue reading Countdown

I Didn’t

I watch the clouds speed past, Thoughts of you, I love you, I know I do, Always known, I watch the clouds speed past, One, two, three Wishing you would forgive me. For my mistaken words. I love you. I watch the clouds speed past, Heart hurting, from things I have said. Things I never… Continue reading I Didn’t


Ever known when you have ruined your life, Felt each minute, each stab in the heart, Ever realized when you are losing the one you love, Due to a mistake you made. Feel it now, I sit downstairs, She sits upstairs, Refuses to talk, To hear my voice, So I cant apologize. Have you ever… Continue reading Mistake