Move On

So much has changed, Yet stayed the same, My love for her, still grows, Yet I dont want it to, I need to move on, Forget about my past, Forget about my present Live for the future. I sit in my room, Saying I am working, Yet in truth, I am crying, Crying for the… Continue reading Move On

I Dont

If I call your name, What would you do, Would you acknowledge me, Or ignore me? I love you, I know that now, But I feel its too late, You no longer feel the same, I dream of you, Each night I lay, I cry, Missing you, Each night and day, But I know it… Continue reading I Dont

Back to the Start

Beating faster, Must be a race, Faster and Faster. Wait, things are slowing, No longer racing, Slowly changing Beating slower, Slower, I’m in love with her, Slower still, She no longer feels the same. Opponents catching up, Storm is closing in, Seems darkness is going to win. Glimmers of hope, Fading, Beats, are, still slowing.… Continue reading Back to the Start

A Rose

A rose slowly falls, Stormy night, Flash of  light, The silhouette of the rose, Can be seen, In the sky. He stands tall, She lies low, begging please. The rose, slowly falls. Knife in her heart, Stab in the dark, Her heart breaks, He stands tall. The rose still falls. Minute turn into hours, Hours… Continue reading A Rose

Without You

You were right, I have not moved on, I chased my dream, Fell flat on my face, Back to where I started, Without you, All alone, Without anyone, To rest my head on, To comfort me. You were right, I have returned, To my old life, Taking up old habits, You were right. I am… Continue reading Without You