Do You Like Me (Version 1)

Don’t tell me that you like me, Through glances and a smile, Do not say that you want more, In a way that cannot be seen. Don’t tell me you like me, By actions unclear, Don’t tell me that you like me, In a way I can’t hear. Be honest and verbal, Say how you… Continue reading Do You Like Me (Version 1)

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Free yourself, From the confides of society, liberate your souls, From the forced exile. Let society know that, no longer will you play by the rules, of a preconceived notion. That you must cover up! Break the bonds that, weigh you down, that cover your roots To the ground. Remove those obstacles, That allow your… Continue reading Liberate

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La Team Greece 2012

3 Years, 3 Years, 3 Years! Since I took that step, The leap of faith, Moved to a new land, Some would call it fate! 3 years since LaTeam Greece 2012 Nunzia, Joquim, Janna and myself. 3 years Since my life changed for the better. 3 Years Since happiness, And I mean, proper, true, happiness… Continue reading La Team Greece 2012


It’s always a memory, A worry or fear, Its always the small things, That exaggerate your tears. It’s always the one that got away, That makes things clear. Its always that loved one, That makes you fear. It’s always a memory, That tears you apart, Its always that thought, That hurts the heart. It’s always… Continue reading Always

What Would You Do

What would you do, If I told you that I liked you, Held a crush, For a few years. Afraid to let you know, In case of rejection, Failure with another, Girl I liked. Insecurities, From past mistakes, Mistakes I have made, In this life. What would you say? If I admitted my feelings, Would… Continue reading What Would You Do

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Sky Is Black

The sky is black, Storm begins, Crack of thunder, Flash of light. Silhouette, On the wall, Man at a piano, A rose stands tall. Murder, Mayhem. Love and Romance. Life worth living, taken at a glance. His heart was torn, took a chance. Something happened, he did not understand. The fire dances, Shadows on the… Continue reading Sky Is Black

The Same

Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed I had moved on. I will meet someone new, Years have passed, My heart is in same place, But I still sit alone, Till I can see her again. Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed things got better. That I will find someone… Continue reading The Same

The Note

I found the note, Hidden in a book, Read it once, Had to take another look. The sides were crumpled, Ink beginning to fade, Lines were smudged, My heart began to race. I read it thoroughly, A tear did form. Another soon joined it, Tried to hold back the flood. The more I read it,… Continue reading The Note

Why Do You Ask

Why do you ask? Of course im fine! The tears are just releasing the pain. Why do you ask? I don’t want to say. Its better than what I did, back in the day. Why do you ask? The reason is mine, Ill tell later, when all is fine. Why do you ask? Oh crap… Continue reading Why Do You Ask