Ill shout it to the world, Just say the word Hold my hand, Be there. I want the universe to know, Three words, I have said to you Ill shout it from the heavens, Ill scream it in hell, Plaster it over Valhalla And carve it into Yggdrasil. © 2008 – 2016

I Dont

If I call your name, What would you do, Would you acknowledge me, Or ignore me? I love you, I know that now, But I feel its too late, You no longer feel the same, I dream of you, Each night I lay, I cry, Missing you, Each night and day, But I know it… Continue reading I Dont

Back to the Start

Beating faster, Must be a race, Faster and Faster. Wait, things are slowing, No longer racing, Slowly changing Beating slower, Slower, I’m in love with her, Slower still, She no longer feels the same. Opponents catching up, Storm is closing in, Seems darkness is going to win. Glimmers of hope, Fading, Beats, are, still slowing.… Continue reading Back to the Start


How do you do what you do to me, I wish I knew, If I knew what you do to me, Id be so happy When you are around, Im happy, even when im down I smile, and cant take my eyes off you, Yet I cant think why. I went a walk, Through woodland,… Continue reading Dedication

Eyes Open

I close my eyes, Breathe in deep, Release it slow. I can feel the first touch, The first brush of our skin. The embrace, Moving closer, Our forehead softly collide, Looking deep into your eyes, I see the ocean, I see the sky, The heavens, The fear. Our lips meet, The first kiss, Softly, Slowly,… Continue reading Eyes Open

Am I in Love?

What’s this strange sensation? This peculiar feeling in my heart, Why does it beat so fast? How come I just want to cry? Cry for one I lost, Be on my own, be in silence, Butterflies in my stomach, Nervous every time I see her. Am I in love? Is it so? Have I met… Continue reading Am I in Love?

The Dream

I lie asleep, Then hearing a familiar voice telling me to get up, I slowly open my eyes, When my eyes have adjusted, To the morning light, I see the girl I love with all my heart, Staring down at me smiling, She bends down whispers, The sweet words of Ich Leibe Dich, into my… Continue reading The Dream