Why You Lie

I hate this feeling, Every time we say goodbye. I hate this feeling, Of asking myself why. I hate this feeling, A knot in my stomach. I hate this feeling, As I fly high in the sky. I hate this feeling, As I wave Athens goodbye! I hate this feeling, Of not knowing why you… Continue reading Why You Lie


I remember the day, We said farewell, Our relationship, Departed. Flew home to Scotland, Time of my life, Behind me, With you. We spoke, and argued, Decided to part, Show the door, farewell. Almost two years, Since our eyes last met, A year since we last spoke, Trying to forget. The meet-up gets closer, Anxiety… Continue reading Returning


A bird flies in through the window, The painting falls off the wall, Sunlight vanishes in the horizon, As a crow calls, Darkness covers what the sun touched, No electronics in sight, A candle is lit on the mantelpiece, This the only light! A couple sit on the chaise longue, recalling their day in the… Continue reading Romance

Beating Faster

Beating fast, Must be in a race, Sitting alone, I cry, I wish, I miss, Miss a special someone, Someone special. Her smile could tame the most savage beast, Her eyes so deep, You could lose yourself in, Her hair long and blonde, Her name rolls off my tongue so softly. I cry as I… Continue reading Beating Faster


He sits, Looks around him, The place is empty, A void of life, Besides his own, An eerie silence, Can’t be heard, He is alone. Blink of an eye, A light appears, Growing, Brighter, Bigger, Stronger, He shields his eyes, He is blinded by the light, What colour, I cannot tell, I’m blinded as well,… Continue reading Alone

I Should

Should I tell her the truth? Should I say how I really feel? Should I open myself up? To the heartache, that I have felt before. The Anger, Envy, Hatred, The need not to be hurt. I know, I have to tell her, But I’m scared, Scared she will do the past, Hurt me when… Continue reading I Should

Girl of my Dreams

They say love is hard, They say love is blind. They say love hurts. Never thought it was true until I met you. Something changes when you are about, That has never happened before, And even though we are no longer, It still hurts inside, It still churns for you, Still longs, still requests you.… Continue reading Girl of my Dreams

Never Change

I do not know how, How she managed, To do the impossible, I do not know how she managed, To turn my life around, How she managed to make me happy, Make me want to life for tomorrow, Want to see her beauty, Her cuteness, Her sweet smile, Her smile that melts my soul, Melts… Continue reading Never Change

Do I Love You?

So many things linger in my mind, Do I love you? Many things make me blind, Do I still love you? All I’ve said, all you’ve done? Do I need you? Many places we could run, Love, love me do Look whats that, Do I love you? Is it my heart? Do I need you?… Continue reading Do I Love You?