It started with a whisper, A feeling, a glance, I asked her if she had any sisters, While I stood next to a fan. I smiled as she said no, The ice was finally broken, Step one of my master plan. Step two was a bit harder. Didn’t know if she felt the same, Invited… Continue reading Talk

The Note

I found the note, Hidden in a book, Read it once, Had to take another look. The sides were crumpled, Ink beginning to fade, Lines were smudged, My heart began to race. I read it thoroughly, A tear did form. Another soon joined it, Tried to hold back the flood. The more I read it,… Continue reading The Note


Sorry for hurting you, For my past, Calling you by harmful names Of memories. Sorry for innocent lies For exaggerating the truth A truth that is a lie A lie that is a truth Losing you would kill me, But not my physical being as I claimed, At most my life as I know it,… Continue reading Sorry


I just got an email, A blast from the past, But unlike before, When I emailed the blast, I did not feel anything but happiness, But happiness that she has moved on, And I am doing the same, Something tells me she will remain, Deep down, But no longer on the surface and the core,… Continue reading Email


Waiting for that special someone, To come into my life, Hoping that it wont be long Before she is here. I thought I had found her, A local lass, She was the world to me, But she had to leave, As we were getting too “serious” I cannot lie, this lass I love, Still to… Continue reading Waiting


The books pile high, by the walls paved in gold, A book in black leather, Printed on Indian paper. It sits up high, on its throne of papyrus, J.C on the front. Who is J.C? an old owner, maybe! A page in history, the only place to learn. The pages all old and worn, the… Continue reading Bible


The candle burns slowly, In the table of her mind, The street lamps flicker, Air is damp. Her mind is not there, Lost it when he left, Smiling has become a chore, Like breathing, sleeping, Living. She closes her eyes, The face of her love, His long blonde hair, Blue eyes, his accent, voice as… Continue reading Candle


I don’t like this countdown, Already I see your tears, I don’t like this countdown, What it brings, Opens our fears. I close my eyes, See those tears, I see your smile, As I wipe them away. I don’t want this countdown, Please make it disappear. Knowing I will no longer able, To see your… Continue reading Countdown