I fooled you in thinking, that I no longer cared, Told you that I didn’t love you, And said it was her. The reading it said things, That I did know, but what you never realized, It was never her. I do love her, Always have and always will, But truly its you. I have… Continue reading Fooled

Never Knew

You never knew, How I felt, Thought, but never knew. Things I never told you, Secrets I kept inside. As I never wanted us to part. That last week together, Keeps playing in my mind, Things I would have done different, I wish I had a second try. A ring I was looking at, Venue… Continue reading Never Knew


Remember when, we used to hold each others hands, Say we loved each other, And made our future plans. Do you recall when I first told you I loved you, Not long after I said I missed you, And do you remember our first dance. The sky outside is clear tonight, But inside it rains,… Continue reading Remember


Its clear now what I must do, The answer has been hidden, From me not just you, It came to me in a realization, A dream, moment of truth, My feelings for you, Are still true. I love you, Miss you, Need you, Its all true. Forgive me for saying it, I know its true,… Continue reading Reading

You Said

Why did you do this to me, You said you would never leave me, I know I did wrong, But we weren’t together. We both made a mistake, And here I am in tears, Thinking of how you made me feel. When you became more than a jock. Why did you leave me, You promised… Continue reading You Said

Broken Picture

Its been many years, Since I introduced, The silent couple, and the old man. The couple are no longer together, The fragile ways of love, The old man is no longer in his field, But he lays still. Who is happier, Did you decide, A broken heart, Or no life at all. © 2011-2016