Hold You

As I sit at the Sea beggers wood, Wall of the Emperor before, Campsies and Ochils distant, As if they were mountains, On a far away land, I speak of the calling, Wherever you will go, I long to hold you close. Memories run thoughts linger Of the times you and I had Battles we… Continue reading Hold You


I SEE GODZILLA!! He is walking outside my second floor window but what’s he doing in Scotland? Now I have your attention, And you have guessed the above is a lie, I will tell you about a spider, that’s crawling up the wall! Freaked out are you? But the beast is soo small, No bigger… Continue reading Godzilla

Piano Keys

The blood drips, From the piano keys. His hand holds the thorns, From the rose she once owned. His grip tightens, More blood falls, He does not flinch, No emotions at all. The blood now hits the floor, A pool has formed, Around his souls, No movement at all. Lost all emotions, The will to… Continue reading Piano Keys


Strolling through the forest, Thoughts linger in my mind, The mist appears all around, Not a sole in sight. A figure ahead, White and pale, Walks in the horizon, In her glowing gown. Her face is red, Teeth are white. I want to run, But its the dark of night. I stay a statue, She… Continue reading Strolling

Broken Picture

Its been many years, Since I introduced, The silent couple, and the old man. The couple are no longer together, The fragile ways of love, The old man is no longer in his field, But he lays still. Who is happier, Did you decide, A broken heart, Or no life at all. © 2011-2016


Close your eyes, Listen to the sound, The sound of the night. Hear the owls hoot, the fox’s howl, and the trains rushing by. Sirens in the distance, Snow slowly falls, a cold wind, Keep your eyes closed, And smell the sent, Of the night. The cold air, the brewery nearby, the scent of old… Continue reading Dawn

Look Over

Look over at the sky, Stars are shinning bright, Its a nice night, to lie under the canvas sky. Smiles of the past, Tears of the present, Memories of what’s yet to come, Can you hear it Can you see it Feel it Look at that light, Flash bright, Closer it comes, Faster, faster. Darkness.… Continue reading Look Over


It was raining outside, I took a walk, The rain pelting, The ground flooded. I walked further along the dismal street, Further I am getting wet, No umbrella, No hood, I go under a bridge, Funny feeling, Hand on my head. Bird Shit © 2009-2016


I’ve sat here many times before Somehow today feels strange, I can hear the birds tweet, Sirens screech, The energy of nature. I can see the hills in the distance, Fading in and out of the fog, I can smell the dampness from the wooden seat. I look around and smile, And I finally realize,… Continue reading Oops