Sky Is Black

The sky is black, Storm begins, Crack of thunder, Flash of light. Silhouette, On the wall, Man at a piano, A rose stands tall. Murder, Mayhem. Love and Romance. Life worth living, taken at a glance. His heart was torn, took a chance. Something happened, he did not understand. The fire dances, Shadows on the… Continue reading Sky Is Black

The Same

Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed I had moved on. I will meet someone new, Years have passed, My heart is in same place, But I still sit alone, Till I can see her again. Closed my heart, To the one I love, Claimed things got better. That I will find someone… Continue reading The Same


The bricks show, Through the empty room, A chair unused, As the light shines through, The broken window pane. Pipes on the wall, The floor covered, In pigeon excrement, No life can be seen, In this once useful room. Decay on the walls, As the plaster peels, The wine rack stands empty, Waiting for the… Continue reading Feast


It started with a whisper, A feeling, a glance, I asked her if she had any sisters, While I stood next to a fan. I smiled as she said no, The ice was finally broken, Step one of my master plan. Step two was a bit harder. Didn’t know if she felt the same, Invited… Continue reading Talk

The Note

I found the note, Hidden in a book, Read it once, Had to take another look. The sides were crumpled, Ink beginning to fade, Lines were smudged, My heart began to race. I read it thoroughly, A tear did form. Another soon joined it, Tried to hold back the flood. The more I read it,… Continue reading The Note

All Is Not

A smile, A kiss, A heartbeat that skipped. A laugh, A cry, A secret and a lie. A sigh, A feel, A dream, becomes real. A wish, A hope, the memories, we hold. A lie, A dream, All is not, as it seems. © 2014-2016

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Why Do You Ask

Why do you ask? Of course im fine! The tears are just releasing the pain. Why do you ask? I don’t want to say. Its better than what I did, back in the day. Why do you ask? The reason is mine, Ill tell later, when all is fine. Why do you ask? Oh crap… Continue reading Why Do You Ask

Fire Ants

I stopped my medication, To try and clear my mind, It was the advice of the doctor, To clear this matter called my brain. This is my second attempt, First one was real tough, Didn’t last that long, This time I am fighting the rough. It feels like I have a nest of fire ants… Continue reading Fire Ants

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Good Night World

Good night world, I must sleep, The book I was reading, Did not make me weep. The lovers did not get together, I was angry, I routed for them, But the authors mind was weak! Good night world, I am going to sleep, People meant to be together, Lives not meet. The rules were made… Continue reading Good Night World