She Sits

She sits on the sandy ocean front, Legs crossed, hands resting on her knees, Resting on her blue jeans to tell a truth, Her back is straight and her soft blue eyes are closed, In front of her etched in the sand, Is a shape, with five points, In each point of her five pointed… Continue reading She Sits

Will I

I closed my eyes, To see if I could see the face, But I couldn’t, Its blurry again, As It was before. The figure has been in my dreams, My meditations, my mind, Since I left the one I truly loved, I see more of her in every relationship I get, But no more, She… Continue reading Will I

Pagan Boy

A tear is forming, Once again, Made a mistake, I have to deal. Told a secret, And told a lie, Never will we be the same. Friendship is a hard thing, Worse when both hold a crush, But what can you do, When you both want What one religion disallows. When both are devout in… Continue reading Pagan Boy

Smiled At The Sky

Sometimes I wonder, What the future does hold, Love and romances, Betrayal and lies. I smiled at the sky, Prayed to my gods, Asked for guidance, From the likes of Freya and Thor. My life is of honor, Truth and no lies, I speak from my mind, No care if it hurts. I smiled at… Continue reading Smiled At The Sky

As We Lie

As we lie, On this Summer Solciste night, Bodies entangled together, In her mothers tent, We feel safe, We feel secure, We feel the energy and the blessings of the Divine, Our Deities, Our Gods. We lie alone, Talking, joking, sleeping The rest outside, in the Scottish wilderness, Making jokes about her and I, What… Continue reading As We Lie


Ill shout it to the world, Just say the word Hold my hand, Be there. I want the universe to know, Three words, I have said to you Ill shout it from the heavens, Ill scream it in hell, Plaster it over Valhalla And carve it into Yggdrasil. © 2008 – 2016

Spirit Guide

Tell me what to do, My spirit guide, I need your guidance, with a matter of the heart, A matter of my future, Spirit guide, please help. You are here to help, To protect me, my spirit guide. You are here to help, to protect me when I need protection, To help myself seek the… Continue reading Spirit Guide