Top Secret News

Whoa, There is something, I need to tell you, I must be fast, Cannot slow down, Or the, or the, damn, I forgot what they are, Things that we speak, Or we can read, What the called again, What are they, Oh yeh words, Will fail me, Cannot slow down, No time to breathe, I… Continue reading Top Secret News


Purple wellies, Green boots, Yellow ballet shows, Onions on a hook, The monkey screams, Banana on the wall, The TV sings, Tunes of a life. Bombs land, People dies, Simple things, the media lies. New year is close, is it fuck, Digit change, nothing else, We all get Another year older, Year will still be… Continue reading Slap

Damn You

Why did you have to call, Make me think of you, Make me miss you, Bring tears to my eyes! Why did you have to ring, Make me want you, Make me sad I am going To the place I love. Why walk back in. Make me long for my birthday, Make me look forward… Continue reading Damn You