Fuck This Season

I hate the fucking season, Pisses the fuck out of me, I hate this bloody season, Give me a reason to be jolly, Ill show your fucking lie, I hate this fucking season, Cant wait for it to end. Who cares how many presents you got, Materialistic much? Who gives a shit about how big… Continue reading Fuck This Season

Something Different

Something different is about to begin, As the memories that linger at the surface, Start to sink in. A time to remember what we have been through, What’s been said between me and you. Feel the air now, Its beginning to change. Time will tell, If our relationship will change. Friends we remain, Or more… Continue reading Something Different


Close your eyes, Listen to the sound, The sound of the night. Hear the owls hoot, the fox’s howl, and the trains rushing by. Sirens in the distance, Snow slowly falls, a cold wind, Keep your eyes closed, And smell the sent, Of the night. The cold air, the brewery nearby, the scent of old… Continue reading Dawn

Tis the Season

Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la la la la So why aren’t I, Whats so big about Christmas, Commercial greed, For one day people pretend that all is well, Oh yay the joys of Christmas. Quicker its over the better, Then we can all get back to our miserable lives,… Continue reading Tis the Season