Listen to your heart, and tell me the truth, The storm cloud lingers, waiting for you. The piano is broken, the rose has died, will there be a phoenix, or just an untold lie. The rain pours, like blanket of tears, another mistake? Or finally a truth? The horse broke free, the cart rolls downhill,… Continue reading Raven


The bricks show, Through the empty room, A chair unused, As the light shines through, The broken window pane. Pipes on the wall, The floor covered, In pigeon excrement, No life can be seen, In this once useful room. Decay on the walls, As the plaster peels, The wine rack stands empty, Waiting for the… Continue reading Feast

The Waltz

I hang my jacket on the Moon, The Stars they play our favourite tune, We dance and play among the Planets, And then settle to watch the Comets Roast Chestnuts and Marshmallows on the Sun. And amongst the Constellations we have some fun! The satellites wizz by like flies, Nebula’s that light up your eyes,… Continue reading The Waltz

Vampire of Words

I am a vampire of your words, Diving deep into your cruel intentions, I am a vampire of your words, No drinking blood, just give me your words. I am a sucker on your soul, Until the essence of you is gone, Mortality has ceased, you now belong, In my prose of words, I am… Continue reading Vampire of Words


I SEE GODZILLA!! He is walking outside my second floor window but what’s he doing in Scotland? Now I have your attention, And you have guessed the above is a lie, I will tell you about a spider, that’s crawling up the wall! Freaked out are you? But the beast is soo small, No bigger… Continue reading Godzilla


Close the windows, and lock the door, this room is full, cant take no more. The seams are bursting, bodies lay on the floor, people giving high shoulders, lets show people the door. © 2013-2016


Random thoughts, Things that wont be, Time together, Just you and me. A lie I told, It became a truth, No-one will know, What happens in the dream. Its cold tonight, Wrap up warm. Take a walk, Through the swamp. Picture perfect, Photogenic pose. A random thought, A weakness maybe. Is this the real life,… Continue reading Random

Simple Pleasures

Simple pleasures, A lie once told, Bottle of wine, Finished in a few. I told that lie, To save myself, From the hurt, I once knew. I told the lie, A coward, Hiding from a non truth. Smile now, Its for the best, Cry now, It hurts I know, Look Now, You will see the… Continue reading Simple Pleasures


The candle burns slowly, In the table of her mind, The street lamps flicker, Air is damp. Her mind is not there, Lost it when he left, Smiling has become a chore, Like breathing, sleeping, Living. She closes her eyes, The face of her love, His long blonde hair, Blue eyes, his accent, voice as… Continue reading Candle

Piano Keys

The blood drips, From the piano keys. His hand holds the thorns, From the rose she once owned. His grip tightens, More blood falls, He does not flinch, No emotions at all. The blood now hits the floor, A pool has formed, Around his souls, No movement at all. Lost all emotions, The will to… Continue reading Piano Keys