The Month

Closed my eyes, Repeating It will all be over soon, The month is nearly up. Closed my eyes, I see her smile, her green eyes, Her tongue sticking out at side of her mouth. The month is nearly up. It’s been torture, Little contact, Not seeing her, The sound of her voice been remove from… Continue reading The Month


I looked at the stars, They showed your face, Clouds show your image, While the moon shines bright. You ask me why did we part, Reason I gave was true, Always I will tell you the same. People, places, faces All have changed, Met new people, Lived our lives, Yet daily you ask me, The… Continue reading Stars


I am scared, I did it before But now I am scared, I applied, Thinking, I wont get it. Not my first choice. I am scared. Its a long way, And a length of time. Further I have been away before, for this length of time. I am scared. Last time, I had a girlfriend… Continue reading Scared


I fooled you in thinking, that I no longer cared, Told you that I didn’t love you, And said it was her. The reading it said things, That I did know, but what you never realized, It was never her. I do love her, Always have and always will, But truly its you. I have… Continue reading Fooled


Purple wellies, Green boots, Yellow ballet shows, Onions on a hook, The monkey screams, Banana on the wall, The TV sings, Tunes of a life. Bombs land, People dies, Simple things, the media lies. New year is close, is it fuck, Digit change, nothing else, We all get Another year older, Year will still be… Continue reading Slap


Close your eyes, Listen to the sound, The sound of the night. Hear the owls hoot, the fox’s howl, and the trains rushing by. Sirens in the distance, Snow slowly falls, a cold wind, Keep your eyes closed, And smell the sent, Of the night. The cold air, the brewery nearby, the scent of old… Continue reading Dawn

Music to Sleep

Sitting here tonight, Moonlight Sonata, Mozart, Plays through the speakers, The tune changes, Winter, The four seasons, Vivaldi. Ten past three, Bed I believe, Need more tunes, First. Viola’s strum, Faster, faster. Winter. The heavy but great, Klavierkonzert Nr 1 starts Tschaikowsky, Softer as it gets, Peaceful elegance. Time to sleep, Für Elise, Beethoven, soft… Continue reading Music to Sleep

A Shame

I sit alone, Most nights, Playing online games, Coding a site. Sometimes she visits, Have some fun, A snuggle, A cuddle, It doesn’t feel the same. I ask Freya for no accidents, We are not ready, Its a shame, My faith is there, It doesn’t feel the same. I listen to The doors, the hypnotic… Continue reading A Shame