Lost Back In Time

As I walk along a familiar street, I see the red brick where a memory was, Initials still etched in the wall, But the girl is no longer there, She went back to her time, In an earlier encounter. I take the street to my right, Back alley style, Dark, no lights, A strange mist… Continue reading Lost Back In Time

Lost In Time

I see her standing still, Shoulder pressed against the solid red brick wall, A brick that hasn’t been used in building construction, In many a year, Her clothes aren’t of this time, They are from an age long ago, Yet she seems familiar, In an odd way, I know her, but I don’t. I walk… Continue reading Lost In Time

The Picture

A silent coupe, A silhouette of a man, A Glasgow Street, With a black horse still. They walk along the picturesque street, Hands tightly clasped, They are in love, They are happy, They trust one and an other, They feel safe. Now a typical person would challenge the above, But I’m not a typical person,… Continue reading The Picture


Imagine meeting the most wonderful girl in the world. One that means the world to you even with her problems. Imagine being with this girl and being happy. Now imagine loosing her to an error in time. Try being friends with this one of kind girl. Even though your love for her still grows and… Continue reading Imagine

The Past, Smiling

Someone knocked at my door, Come in I yelled No reply. Another knock Was it the wind I heard, I hollered, Enough is enough. I go to the door, It creaked open Outside its dark, Thunder and Lightning The past standing there, Smiling. © 2006 – 2016

A Rose

A rose slowly falls, Stormy night, Flash of  light, The silhouette of the rose, Can be seen, In the sky. He stands tall, She lies low, begging please. The rose, slowly falls. Knife in her heart, Stab in the dark, Her heart breaks, He stands tall. The rose still falls. Minute turn into hours, Hours… Continue reading A Rose

Emperors Wall

He sits in a place of beauty, Of a wall named after an Emperor, Pondering on the past, Thinking of life, Wishing faults were never made, He knows that is whom he is, But guilt eats him inside. Legs crossed, back straight, As he sits at the roman Emperor, He envisions the past when, The… Continue reading Emperors Wall