La Team Greece 2012

3 Years, 3 Years, 3 Years! Since I took that step, The leap of faith, Moved to a new land, Some would call it fate! 3 years since LaTeam Greece 2012 Nunzia, Joquim, Janna and myself. 3 years Since my life changed for the better. 3 Years Since happiness, And I mean, proper, true, happiness… Continue reading La Team Greece 2012

Home Could Be

I hate the goodbyes, The see you in a year, The prospect of home, When home could be their. I hate the not knowing, Being able to share how we feel, The thought of no you and i, When we know how the other feels. I hate the worry, In you finding another, and the… Continue reading Home Could Be

Why You Lie

I hate this feeling, Every time we say goodbye. I hate this feeling, Of asking myself why. I hate this feeling, A knot in my stomach. I hate this feeling, As I fly high in the sky. I hate this feeling, As I wave Athens goodbye! I hate this feeling, Of not knowing why you… Continue reading Why You Lie


I remember the day, We said farewell, Our relationship, Departed. Flew home to Scotland, Time of my life, Behind me, With you. We spoke, and argued, Decided to part, Show the door, farewell. Almost two years, Since our eyes last met, A year since we last spoke, Trying to forget. The meet-up gets closer, Anxiety… Continue reading Returning

I Cannot

I cannot believe I did It Filled in the form Did the letter Updated my Resume, I cant believe I took the second step, On applying to go away. Time will tell, If I am accepted, I hope I do, Could be fun, Could be scary, A year away from my family, In a foreign… Continue reading I Cannot

Lets Run Away

Lets run away together, And live off the land, Elope somewhere remote, Somewhere in the sun. Lets run away together, A Greek island for two, Somewhere they know us, A place for me and you. Lets run away together, We can start a wee homestead, Have some olive trees, And maybe a few goat. Lets… Continue reading Lets Run Away

That Day

That day: In Kipselli House, when we first said hello. That day: On the number 4 when we went for the same part of the pole. That day: We started yelling, I knew it then. That day: When I realised you only wanted to be friends. That day: Watching the football that you sat beside… Continue reading That Day

The Waltz

I hang my jacket on the Moon, The Stars they play our favourite tune, We dance and play among the Planets, And then settle to watch the Comets Roast Chestnuts and Marshmallows on the Sun. And amongst the Constellations we have some fun! The satellites wizz by like flies, Nebula’s that light up your eyes,… Continue reading The Waltz

A Break

Traveling again, I sit and wait, All this waiting, I need a break, Somewhere exotic, friendly, warm maybe, Greece sounds good, or maybe somewhere new, Tunisia, Thailand, Nepal. I sit in the airport, Waiting for my gate, Home soon to my bed, Look at my next trip, All this waiting I need a break! ©… Continue reading A Break

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