I have always been interested in other countries.

Its not that time

So as I posted previously I was moving to Crete, well that move happened a week ago.  For the last week I have been in a nice 5 star hotel here in Hersonissos where I have been learning the ins and outs of being a rep.  Met soo many amazing people and have had such an… Continue reading Its not that time

68 Päivää

68 Päivää just 68! 68 until I will be in my FAVORITE country ever!  A country where I feel at home, a country I feel safe, a country that many people go WTF too, that is right in 68 days I will be in Finland.  An early flight to Amsterdam then a short flight to… Continue reading 68 Päivää

Tervetuloa Suomi

Is it not such an amazing sight, the Aurajoki at dusk, in the background we see Turku Energia, the tower has the Fibonacci Sequence in large red lights, a beacon for a wary traveler looking for his house after a drinking session in the local pubs, or clubs, may been Monk, Dynamo or even Forte, this… Continue reading Tervetuloa Suomi

Its the Final Month

So in one month we leave for 3 weeks to Greece, a country that has been on mainstream media for the last few weeks due to the financial situation. Am I concerned about my holiday, no. My flights to Athens are secured, my accommodation is through a friend who is gaining money, and that will… Continue reading Its the Final Month

Time is Ticking

With just over a month till we go to Greece, everything is starting to finally come together, dates for everything are now confirmed. Naxos accommodation is now booked. Ferry tickets are now booked. Got some new clothes purley for Greece. New sandals. New shades. Just need to buy a new pair of trunks or two… Continue reading Time is Ticking

Its Ticking Down

The day is slowly approaching as the schedule date gets closer, 23rd July, seems far away but to me it’s not, 3 weeks in Greece, 3 weeks in the Sun, 2 weeks in Athens, 1 week on Naxos. It’s been too long since I was on Naxos, 2012 was the last time, but to see… Continue reading Its Ticking Down