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A collection of blogs of my trips in Europe from Greece, Finland and Estonia over the years.

11 November 2013

The China Syndrome

After a very long lie on Sunday I decide to say FUCK THIS and just stayed in the hostel all day, I was meant to be meeting Teppo but got busy doing other things, then when I realised the time well it was too late, the event of this day was going to shop to see it was closed due to it being Fathers day, […]

11 November 2013

Tall Ship Race and more

Ahh the weekend, today is quite sad as I know its coming to an end my trip to Finland, its raining outside, and today I meet Jani from Estelle, I have alot of respect for Jani. I leave at 1140 to meet him at 12, on the way I call Wellu to see if he wants to meet up, after some discussion we agree a […]

10 November 2013

Mitä Vittua!

Friday was my relax day, no plans on meeting anyone till the night so I decided to take a walk to the castle, take some pictures, and just generally chill in the morning. Afternoon, after some Piima, I decided to walk to Uusi Tuuli, walking the route a used to cycle, this is slightly different to the way I would normally go, it incorporates the […]

10 November 2013

To Greek it up!

Thursday started like any other day, didnt sleep well, after 4 hours I was wide awake, beds in the hostel are amazingly comfortable, but I was persistent to get more, but when the others in room woke, well I gave up. So I just did what I normally do and came online. Today was actually quite big day, I was going to see Risto and […]

8 November 2013

The meetings begin

I look out the plane window as we touch down in Tampere, a lot of mixed feelings but the dominant one was “I’m Home!!” while I am a Patriotic Scotsman, and love Scotland, I feel more at home in Finland. Went through passport control, no issues, baggage reclaim, for once my bag was the start. So I went to info area, and bought my ticket […]

7 November 2013

The Long Wait

So I arrive 30 mins early, baggage reclaim was easiest thing ever as only 3 people had checked in bags, and the walk is known, so I am in London Stansted, it is 10.30pm, and I have 7 hours till my flight checks in. This means one word, COSTA, so I walk to other end of the building, find Costa in the same place and […]

7 November 2013

In the beginning

Its been a long day today, got up few hours before my normal awaken time, to get a bath and get ready finished for my holiday, so get my small rucksack and start packing, half way through it dawns on me that fuck this wont work, so I leap over my bed that has all my gear laying on various places over it, in a […]

16 October 2012

2 Weeks

I have been back from my adventures for 2 weeks now, its been a long 2 weeks, missing my friends, my “life” and more importantly the heat. Since arriving back here in Scotland, its been a struggle financially, as well as this my desktop CPU has fried so I am limited to using my mums net book, not as powerful but better than nothing. Its […]

28 September 2012

Last Days

You know its the last official office day today, on Wednesday Jo left us back to France, and on Sunday Jaana and Nunzia leave for there respective countries, myself I leave early Monday morning. Its weird I am happy to leave but I dont want to, knowing what lies ahead is making me more and more sad. But also knowing ill see my friends again, […]

18 September 2012

A Long Winding Post

So it has been a few weeks since I last made a post this is a few reasons, 1. I was on Andros. 2. I forgot my password. 3. I havent had motivation. I will explain each point so you understand more Andros Andros was amazing, pictures will come at some point, so close to beach, a good group, a car park for a yard, […]