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A collection of blogs of my trips in Europe from Greece, Finland and Estonia over the years.

30 May 2012

8 Hours or so it says!

Its 8 hours till I start the adventure of Greece, going at a great time, going to miss all the Royal Jubillee pish and all the hype of the Olympics as we all know its gonna get worse and everyone is gonna get fed up hearing about it and the unionist bullshit its promoting, come on its fine to fly the Welsh Flag at Olympics […]

29 May 2012

Tomorrows The Day

The other day I was at the YES campaign for the Scottish Independence Referendum, it made me think how great a time we all live in to get the chance to vote for the future of Scotland, never have we had such an amazing time, nor at such a great year, 2014. Thats 600 years after we fought for it on the fields of Bannockburn. […]

24 May 2012

6 Days and Counting

We are now in under a week before I start my travels, recently met a few interesting people, one a lady from Greece who gave me alot of advice in learning the language and another lady who has just returned from a holiday there, with really indepth blog articles: Scotland has been nice to me, maybe cause she knows I want the best for […]

18 May 2012

Paris Here I Come

Bonjour, et bienvenue sur mon plus récent post sur mon blog au sujet de mon passage à la Grèce So why did I start speaking French?  And why do I have pictures of Paris on a blog about Greece. Well this is simple, today I received my dates of travel and I fly from Edinburgh to Paris.  A day earlier that I expected.  Then from […]

16 May 2012

Greek Elections

On news recently they are saying there will be new elections in Greece in middle of June, now many people know I have been involved in 3 campaigns here in Scotland, all for the SNP and SNP Candidates, we have been succesful in all 3, gaining more votes than any other party in 2 of them and gaining couple of thousand on the other. Be […]

13 May 2012

The Places

So doing a search on the main paces I will be seems its gonna be quite interesting, mostly I will be in Athens, But I will also be spending time in Naxos, Andros and Syros. The pics below show enough! Syros Andros Naxos

10 May 2012

3 Weeks

Its now 3 weeks till i leave and got the confirmation email from the company I am going to with all the joyous information such as when I am leaving , when I fly back and where I will be staying, so for first month, I will be doing office and project stuff and training in Athens.  As well as language courses, I did start […]

10 May 2012

23 Days

23 Days to go till my move, with recent death of my nana i have taken week of from TCV Scotland. Also did some updates on this site so less to worry about, wont lie kinda worried and nervous but thats expected I think!