19 November 2015

Cheeky Chick

By Bryan

I heard a song a few days ago,
I’ve set it to repeat,
It’s a song by Bryan Adams
Makes me cry,
Makes me think of her,
Makes me get memories,
Makes me realize how much I love her,
How much I need her,
How much I want to hate her for what she done,
But I can’t hate her,
I love her to much.

I still cry, I still miss her,
Miss everything about her,
I know I need to move on,
But I can’t,
I can its going to be hard,
Almost impossible.
I don’t care, I will move on, no matter how much it hurts,
No matter what it takes I will move on.

But I love her,
Said I loved someone else,
But to compare them both,
I couldn’t, my recent love wins,
By a vast distance

I better close,
Tears are still forming,
I am worried about her,
Things I cannot say,
For my safety.

So as I close,
I need to say,
My dear “Cheeky Chick”
I still love you and I always will.

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