15 December 2015


By Bryan

I claimed love to a Canadian,
We got engaged,
We were young,
She betrayed my trust.

Years later,
I claimed love to a Scottish lass,
She was braw, this I cannot dismiss,
She made me happy,
She made me sad,
She left mental and physical scars.

I have recently found you,
And you I want to love,
You are who I can see myself being happy with,
Your smile, your eyes,
Your personality is just to good to be true,
Unlike before I have met someone who likes the same,
With a few minor Exceptions.

I can’t be without you,
Or it hurts

I can’t, not think of you,
Believe me I’ve tried.

You accept me for all my faults,
You see me, for who I am,
You are my world,
I can’t imagine it without you,

I want you,
I need you
And hopefully I will love you

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