20 July 2015

Coming To an End

By Bryan

It is coming to an end, and more and more this bottle of alcohol my friend Fran left me is looking tastier and tastier, the bottles of beer that my brother in law left even though I don’t like the brand are screaming DRINK ME every time I open the fridge, well in my mind they are.

Back in February, I set myself some personal goals:

*No Alcohol
*No Soft Drinks
*No Sweets
*No Fast Food
*No Crisps.

And all besides the soft drinks I have kept to my promise. I caved a few weeks ago with soft drinks and I am ashamed to say Barr’s Cola is my go to drink, ok it’s not as bad as the more well-known brands but I do in part feel bad, purely as I know Jaana will be upset I broke this one. I seem to find myself caring what she thinks.

On the bright side Sweets, Crisps and Fast Food are ones I may keep up with as I do not really miss them as we come to the end of my exile. Alcohol well this one I will be going back too. Not to extreme levels or similar levels that I used to but the occasional night out.

There is a personal reason for starting drinking again, since stopping I have noticed my already short fuse is getting shorter and shorter, so much so I have resigned my place on the Holyrood Central List as I do not want to damage the party if I take a turn. I am hoping by 2017 I can find myself again. But it is going to be a long journey.