14 June 2016

Communities Unite Against Bus Cuts

By Bryan

Last week our residents woke up to the news that the X86 Falkirk to Glasgow via Kilsyth service is being removed in August as it is no longer profitable for the operator. This service provides a lifeline for many residents who rely on the x86 bus to get to various destinations within route to help with shopping, meeting friends, or simply to get out of the house. We believe the removal of such a vital service will have a negative impact to the serviced areas.

Therefore, we feel it is important that the affected communities are made aware of the situation. In a move of solidarity and support for our communities, three community councils within the area have joined forces in a bid to fight for the continuation of the X86 service. Boundaries aside, Bonnybridge Community Council; Banknock, Haggs and Longcroft Community Council; and Denny and District Community Council will work together to help the residents affected by the cancellation of not only the X86, but also the 24 – Stirling to Glasgow service that is also being removed.

Bill Gray, Vice Convenor of Denny and District Community Council said “Yet again we see the loss of services which will directly affect various Communities that the services cover, which includes visitor and family members to the area. The most vulnerable including the elderly, and disabled will be affected. This is the opposite of what we need with an aging population.
Alternatives require to be sought!”

Dan Henderson Convenor of Banknock, Haggs and Longcroft Community Council added – “The withdrawal of services will directly affect the most vulnerable residents in the Banknock area and the elderly, infirm and those who do not have a car will be hardest hit — and that is just not acceptable”

The aim is to make sure that the Scottish Government and Falkirk; Stirling; and North Lanarkshire Councils work with First Group and others to ensure that bus services are improved and not abandoned or cut to a skeleton coverage that will have a detrimental effect on communities.

Bryan Deakin, Convenor of Bonnybridge Community Council states “These services are vital to our residents, and residents in other communities on the routes, we ask everyone who will be affected by the proposed changes to speak out against the plans by contacting their elected officials stating they are opposed to these cuts. We also invite other Community Councils who wish to be involved to get in touch with us!”